What is Jihad? – Wael Al Sayegh

We recently contacted our good friend Wael about a new article we wanted to publish about Jihad.

We wanted to try and define what ‘Jihad’ really means to muslims.

We are by no means experts in Islam as a faith so, we wanted to go directly to a man who had grown up in the faith.

A man who had the eloquence to really define the true meaning of Jihad.

What Wael sent back was unexpected but incredibly beautiful. It explains Jihad in a way that is beyond what we could have hoped for.

We hope you enjoy it.

Listen to Me

Listen, you lost confused monkey of a soul,

Jihad is not to convert anyone to anything.

It’s not about picking up a gun or a flag and shouting “Allah Akbar”. God doesn’t need guns, your voice or your stupid ass flag.

Jihad is not about growing a long untamed beard , wearing a frown on your face and wielding a machete. It’s not about leaving your wife and kids,

who so desperately need your attention,

and leave to go fight for some strangers abroad.

Jihad is not about terrorising, bullying, creating hatred, insulting, dehumanising, hijacking,

stealing, ransoming, plotting, beheading, bombing, tear gassing and mass murder of anyone or

anything outside your own self,

You lost confused monkey of a soul.

Jihad is the internal struggle against anything that

Terrorizes you into staying small.

Or bullies you into thinking you’re just race, religion or nationality.

Forces you to be a slave to anything but the Divine in you

Hates you to change and grow

Insults everyone who has a different opinion to you

Dehumanizes those who brush against your ego

Steals your energy away from yourself and those you love

Hijacks your faith in the goodness of the world and the people in it

Ransoms your children and family

Plots to make sure you never free your mind

From the dark shadows that govern it

Beheads your common sense & courage

Bombs your dreams & hopes

Tear gasses your ambition and aspiration

And destroys your authentic identity as a unique

One in 7 billion

Member of the human race.

That’s what Jihad is, you lost confused monkey of a soul

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