The Silent Whistle

Dogs know something that we don’t. They do I am sure of it. They have a knowing that is deeply spiritual and innate. Or perhaps we do know (what they know) but have somehow become detached from our knowing.

Or maybe we just have stopped listening for the silent whistle.

I have been lost on many occasions in my life. All of them occurred when I became detached from my own truth, or separate from God.

I watched a programme recently called One Man and His Dog. You’ve probably seen it. It’s a sheepdog trial, where herding dog breeds move sheep around a field, fence, gates or enclosures. They are directed by a handler, who uses commands and a silent whistle to direct them. The fascinating thing about the whole trial is that often during the competition – because of hills or other distractions – the dog cannot immediately see the sheep he is supposed to herd, or in fact his trainer who is trying to direct him. And he is too far away from his master to hear his command. All he has to go on at this point is a dog whistle, a silent pitch that only he can hear.  On the trial that I was watching the herding dog got into a bit of a tangle. He became completely distracted and lost. There was a lot of wind on this particular day, so, subsequently the dog could not hear any commands. A large colourful crowd also distracted his attention and a hill blocked his view of the sheep and of his handler. For a few seconds the panicked dog ran in circles, trying to find his way. He desperately needed a command, his handler was blowing frantically on his whistle trying to give him one but the dog was too busy in a frenzy to hear the silent whistle.  Just when all seemed lost the dog stopped dead in its tracks, as though innately knowing that its frenzy was just making things worse. He lifted his head above the wind, pricked his ears high in the air and became completely motionless. He stood statue-still for what seemed like an age, like he was using his whole being as natural antenna, searching for the signal of his master. As soon as he heard the whistle he bolted over the hill, past the crowds and immediately found the sheep and proceeded to direct them and himself home.

Initially the dog had no visual, auditory or sensory direction, but not because the signs were not there, rather because he too noisy and too busy and too distracted to receive them. However, the moment he silenced himself, the signs (that were always there, that are always there) became crystal clear.

And when he got his signs he acted upon them immediately.  ‘Immediately!’ He did not hesitate. He did not err.

The philosopher Nietzsche said that the solutions to our problems would not be found on the same level and the problems themselves. You have to lift your antenna high above the level of your angst, and hold it still. You have to take yourself to a finer bandwidth, away from the frequency of noise, where the silent whistle will offer you direction. And when you get direction, you must be courageous. Have faith. Act on that direction.

As you read these swords you may feel alone and lost in the world, separated from your purpose.  Your direction may be obscure, perhaps the crowd and the noise and the blinding ostentation of life is distracting you. This is not because there are no signs. The signs are a permanent fixture. Neither is it because direction is lacking. The Sheppard is ever on watch for lost sheep. And it is not because the Whistler has stopped blowing. Rather it is because you have fallen below the His frequency.

So stop! Silence yourself. Be still. Take yourself away from the 10,000 things and listen.  Really really listen. You will get a sign. An intuition. A quiet voice. A knowing. Your purpose will become clear. That is definite. What remains in question is whether or not you heed the signs. Please heed the signs. They are your salvation.

Here a few techniques that have helped me to better hear the silent whistle:

•    Prayer. This is The perfect way to ask for and receive signs. Consistency is the key.

•    Correct palate. This is vital. People often want to master the metaphysical before they have captained the physical. We experience everything through the physical body, so it goes without saying that the corporeal conduit needs to be in shape and under the control of our will otherwise we may buckle and break under the strain of higher power. Often our signals are blocked, because of wrong ingestion. If we are excessive in our habits (food, drink, drugs, porn, negative influences) our body is held in a congested, stressed and sluggish frequency. The signals struggle to break though the sludge, and if they do break through and the body is not under our control it can create psychosis. Master yourself before you try and master the world. Eat light. Kill your addictions. Reconnect.

•    Meditation. It silences the conscious mind and allows you to connect to the Collective Conscious, the Universe, the field, God.

•    Explosive physical training. After a powerful physical training session, when the body is de-sludged of stress and food residuals, the conscious filter closes down and you are able to connect to higher frequencies.

•    Tai Chi/Qui Gung. The so called ‘soft’ martial arts are excellent forms of quieting the mind for long enough to take incoming calls from the Sheppard.

•    Silence. People are afraid of silence, because shadows rely upon and feed upon noise. When you find silence, you dissolve shadows, and when you dissolve shadows you re-connect to your own source. Ghandi would spend at least one whole morning a week in complete silence. He would not speak, not even a single syllable. Self enforced silence creates quiet. Taking away your own noise enables the signals to get through.

•    Switch off the world. People want signs, but they are so busy listening out for the Blackberry (or the crackberry) that they can hear nothing else. Technology has its place, it also has its time. But if your whole life is controlled by the ring of your phone or the beep of your incoming email how are you ever going to hear anything else? So switch off. Don’t have your lap top on the beach. Switch your phone off when you train and rest and sleep, and don’t take your email to bed with you (it is just not sexy). Do not make technology ‘another’ addiction that takes you away from what is vital.

•    Love. Ultimately, whatever your problem, whatever your issue, whatever your angst Love is the solution. The answer to every question is in love. But not Love as a word, rather, love as a frequency. Find the frequency of Love and you will get all the signs you need. You will find this through prayer, though meditation, through your wife or your children, or through nature. Once you find the feeling, let it expand through you, let it fill you, let it be you. Then you will be connected.

You are sat, right now, this minute in the very middle of everything you ever wanted to see. But like a fly sat on a TV screen you may be too close to view the picture.

The signs are abundant, they are all around you, but perhaps you can’t hear them because the brass-band of your own conscious mind is blasting them all out.

The very best ideas are hovering in the air for anyone to collect in their ‘ideas net’.  But you may never intuit them whilst you are drowning them out with alcohol, numbing them out with drugs, or throwing the blanket of pornography over them.

Pull back a little bit, get the full picture.

Meditate and pray the noise down to a whisper.

Turn off the excess, and tune into the Love.

Be well

Geoff Thompson.

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