Postcards from a New Life – Owen Bush

Inspiration takes many forms. This site is all about taking inspiration from everywhere and telling everyone all about it. This post is no exception and is very close to us here at Inspire Daily.

Let me tell you an inspirational story about a close friend.

Over a year ago, Owen Bush decided to make a huge leap and achieve his lifelong dream of moving to the USA. To Denver, Colorado specifically. It seems like a very short time ago that he mentioned that he might go.

This meant a huge amount of change in his life. In order to achieve his dream he would have to leave behind everything he knew and go to a country where he had no family, friends or support. He had to find a house, a job, a car and everything else that goes along with moving to another country.

Needless to say his trip has been a massive success.

Not only did he get a great job, he also found the girl of his dreams and has created what looks to be a beautiful family.

Now the interesting thing about all of this is that Owen has a little known but incredible talent for creating music. Music that can convey emotions and feelings like nothing else.

As much as the story of moving to a new country and starting a new life might inspire you, a much better way of feeling that inspiration would be to listen to it.

With that in mind, I want to recommend that you listen to, buy and share this music and let us (and Owen) know what you think of it.

Introducing Postcards from a New Life by Owen Bush

December 12th 2015 marked the release of my latest album, a compilation of 12 tracks put together over the first 11 months of my new life in Colorado. The album is honest and takes a ride through some of the emotional highs and lows you experience when making a life-changing move abroad. Feel free to stream it, download it, share it, review it or ignore it. You can stream and/or download/purchase from the following places:




Google Play


CD Baby

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