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  • The Path Less Travelled – Jon Price

    If we are already on a path of development or evolution sometimes all we need is the right reminder to stay on course, especially when it’s lonely. Not long ago I posted…

  • Why I’m a Fighter

    I am a fighter. I learned how to fight. I had to if I was going to get through this. Endless bullying, same people different masks. Unsolicited violence and an attempted stabbing…

  • Inner Guru

    Geoff often gets asked who his guru is. With all of his mentoring and talks, it is importance that he receives guidance. His first thought was that he had many gurus but,…

  • love

    Doing Love | Geoff Thompson

    Love is the panacea but … to activate Love you have to do Love is a doing word Love needs to be done not just said anything that is not Love is…

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