JJ Abrams: The Mystery Box

JJ Abrams is an award winning winning writer, director and producer.

Abrams was most widely known for his part in the creation of the hit TV series Lost. He has has also created a myriad of other shows including Alias and Fringe.

In recent years, Abrams took the helm for the latest rebook of Star Trek. This is where he helped to create what could be perceived as a whole new universe for the Star Trek franchise. Needless to say, the film was a massive success.

Star Trek (among other projects) ultimately led to the highly anticipated new Star Wars film – The Force Awakens. It brings with it the hope of breathing new life into one of the most successful film franchises of all time.

With a CV and showreel as impressive as this, it begs the question:

Where does JJ Abrams get his inspiration?

When creating films like Mission Impossible, Star Trek and Cloverfield, what fuels his desire to create. The answer seems to be much more unusual than you might expect. In fact, the source of his creative prowess actually stems from many sources. The really unusual thing is, they all seem to lead back to his grandfather.

In this video (recorded before signing on to direct Star Wars) JJ Abrams discusses some of the most important factors in his development as a world renowned creative force. It includes everything from JJ Abrams early influences to his love of mystery and (of course) his grandfather. The grandfather who bought him his first camcorder (Super 8) which would go on to inspire the film of the same name..

The crux of this small slice of inspiration is simple. A box. Well … a mystery box to be precise. An item that JJ Abrams brought with his grandfather decades ago that contained $50 worth of magic for only $15. All these years later and the box is still sealed in it’s original condition. The point?

JJ Abrams goes on to say:

“Sometimes mystery is more important than knowledge.”



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