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Homeless, misguided and on a social sabbatical

There is a large section of our population that is homeless, lost, misguided or simply asking for help. How should we treat these people? Every encounter with a homeless person (or anyone asking for help) is a test, a chance for us to show our true nature. Warner has many such encounters and this is how he sees it.

Enter Warner on the homeless and misguided

I have a natural affinity with, dare I say, the less fortunate than ourselves. Or are they?

I’ve always had it even as a young kid with just pennies in my pocket.

The homeless, the misguided , on a social sabbatical or what ever society likes to label these lovely people.

“Do you have any spare change”

I’m privileged to be asked this, I really am.

It happens to me a lot. I could write a whole book on these experiences.

I look them in the eye – or should I say we both look each other in the eye, we are human after all. These are my brothers, my sisters, no judgment or at least I don’t think they are judging me!

They’re my teacher and I love to give. Give with no expectations, no questions and no thought of reward. Try it. It’s good for the soul.

I have some great friends who will tell me off

“They’re off to buy drink and drugs”

“It’s their job. they’re on loads of money, they have a car around the corner”

Really? Is that really their job? I don’t think so.

I see brothers, sisters, mums and dads. People who have lost their way.

Most of the time I see pure divinity.

We can all afford to give, or at least forgo, the cost of a coffee or cake occasionally and pass that energy/money on.

We are all human. We are all in this together after all aren’t we?

Share our bread.

The Author

Warner is an entrepreneur and Patron of the Arts, with a passion for British independent film.

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