EU Referendum – Roll the Dice

The EU Referendum result will no doubt effect all of us in the near future. Opinion on the EU referendum is no doubt split and both sides of the political landscape offered widely differing opinions. Putting all of the politics aside relating to the EU referendum, a decision was reached and that decision was to leave the EU. We don’t usually talk about politics on Inspire Daily but, this article from Mike Morris gives us a unique perspective on the EU referendum.

Enter Mike on The EU Referendum

You find yourself in a casino. Not Vegas, London. It’s crowded with big bets on the table. When the dealers are ready, the stickman pushes the dice to you. When the stickman pushes the dice to you, it’s a silent instruction to pick them up and roll.

Roll the dice

EU Referendum day

23rd June 2016

We rolled the dice.

When I saw it myself, on Murdoch’s Sky News, the morning after the night before, my chips had disappeared.

For my money we had rolled the dice and our fingers were burnt.

I voted remain and for me this outcome was improbable. The British people had spoken and what they said is we want change.

As I started my commute that morning a poem by Charles Bukowski was on my mind. How could we have rolled the dice on this one. A decision that effects the next generation even more than our own. Hadn’t our children spoken, those that couldn’t vote. They said we want to be part of something, not outsiders. They trusted us.

I Googled Roll the Dice, Bukowski and listened to Bono recite the poem in that Dublin drawl. The opening lines are mesmerising:

If you’re going to try, go all the way.
Otherwise, don’t even start.

What had we done?

The underground was quiet as I made my way to St Paul`s. On the streets the sun shone brightly. When the sun shines on London there is no better city in the world. Not today. It was shaking off a heavy hangover. Those that voted remain were dazed, many that voted leave were asking themselves, what have I done.

I was not on my best game that morning. I knew though, in days, I would snap out of it. I have learnt, and it has served me well, our responsibility is our attitude towards events and adversity. Focus on what we can do rather than dwell on the hand we have been dealt. We can do blame and give our power away. Or take responsibility and become a force of nature.

Many of the best moments in my life were after things hadn’t turned out the way I’d liked. That’s my experience. When I hadn’t got my own way. I draw strength from this hard earned knowledge.

So when you roll the dice there`s a case for accepting the outcome. When I have accepted decisions that were not to my liking I have discovered opportunity and growth.

That is my position, at the gateway to what the referendum vote will bring. Acceptance does not take away power, it empowers. It means there is nothing to fix, no one to blame and no one to impress. Your mind no longer has to work out how to make everything just the way you’d like it. It’s unqualified to do that job.

If, like me, you were in remain I would go further. For us leave may be a blessing. It disturbs your model of the world. An event that hits your model should be honoured. It jolts the insecure part of you. The part we have constructed to control our own definition of reality.

If you can learn to get comfortable with this kind of disturbance your growth will go from incremental to exponential. You can wake up in the morning and look forward to the day. Nothing can touch you. It doesn’t mean you don’t do your best. It means you really do your best.

I was disappointed when politicians I respected choose to champion leave and angry when they succeeded.

I’ve moved on.

There is no remain or leave now. The country has chosen a new path.

I’ve decided I’m prepared to go all the way. All the way towards tolerance, opportunity and prosperity.

Many politicians made the case for change with passion and conviction. I didn’t agree but I cannot deny that. They articulated a vision of a prosperous, modern and liberal Britain outside of the EU.

Leaders with vision cannot be ignored. History is peppered with men and women with a vision, good and bad, who have changed history, for good and for bad.

From the leaders who led the call to leave the EU, unity and energy is required. For those that opposed exit, democracy has spoken, unity and energy is required.

So let`s start working together to deliver the vision for a better future

If you’re going to try, let’s go all the way.

In the final line of Roll the Dice, Bukowski does not disappoint.

He tells it like it is:

It’s the only good fight there is

Let’s go…

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