Doing Love | Geoff Thompson

Love is the panacea

but … to activate Love you have to do

Love is a doing word

Love needs to be done not just said

anything that is not Love is not real

it is a shadow-play of the mind

it creates the illusion of reality

it conjures a belief in separation

separation from Love

fear is a false truth – it has no reality

the only breath it has is the breath we give it

I am certain of this

I have the proof

but my proof is my proof, it is not yours

it is non-transferable

my proof can only act as a marker

a sign on the path

each of us has to earn our own proof

the illusory nature of fear will always be real

until we find the proof that it is not

we have to do this for ourselves

we become the proof by standing before fear

by observing the manifestations of fear

observing but not emotionally engaging

observing but not personally identifying

observing fear until fear dissolves

Tolle teaches this as presence – and he teaches it better than most

The Power of Now is a great starting point

but it can only ever be a starting point

it’s a technique that needs to be mastered

mastery will take Olympic commitment

it will mean doing the Work

we do not become Olympic players at anything by practicing recreationally

you do not become an Olympic by reading books by Olympians

you become Olympic by training like Olympians

this means total immersion

it will ask everything of you

it will mean giving your life over to the service of practice

fear will fight for its sovereignty

tooth and nail it will fight

it will fight for its very existence

be in no doubt

at some point in the past you have given fear life

with your habit-thoughts with your cognitions with your actions

it will not let you take it’s life without a greater struggle

we dissolve fear by recognising its unreality

when the unreality is removed

true Reality is revealed

true Reality is Love

this practice is not a soft option

fear might be an illusion

but it attacks those who take it lightly

it has killed those that were fooled by its magic

those that believed its lie

Love is a brave brave doing word

in order to reveal Love

we have to act with the greatest courage

Love is a place

its centre is everywhere

it has no circumference

it is a frequency

One Breath

and it permeates all

when we actively face our fears

we demand proof of fear’s existence

it cannot provide proof because there is no proof

at this point fear dissolves

you may have to be up to your neck in fear before it diminishes

but if you persist it will eventually perish

it will vanish

because it never existed in the first place

it only existed because we gave in breath

when we bravely stand before our fears

we remove its breath

when we act despite our fears

when we feel the fear and do it anyway

we are doing Love

when we do Love

everything that is not Love is removed

revealing all that is left

all that is left is Love

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