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In his first post for Inspire Daily, Mike Morris discusses certainty or the lack of certainty. As an incredibly successful CEO, investor and film producer, Mike knows a thing or two about how certainty can effect success.

Enter Mike

Imagine yourself sitting astride a rocking horse. It is uniquely yours… the colour, the size, the contours, you decide. How you ride it is your business. Ride it hard or take it easy. No matter what you decide, it isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s a rocking horse after all.

Get a little altitude and you can see the rocking horse is sitting in the middle of a barge. The barge moves easily on a river. The river curves gently through a delightful landscape.

This picture represents your potential on this planet.

Sadly, for most, that experience is limited to the rocking horse – a life lived but not a life well lived.

The river – that’s the good life. Being one with the river gives depth and colour to our time here. It’s full of mystery and we give it different labels – spirit, Being, presence, even Universe or God.

However, we struggle to see the wood for the trees – or the river for the rocking horse. We are busy “doing” or we are busy being lazy. Busy without purpose, momentum or growth.

A desperate need for certainty keeps us in that struggle. Our need for security, to be in control. I saw a man in Camden at the weekend wearing a t-shirt saying:

“Relax. Everything is out of control”.

In contrast we have been conditioned by relatives, teachers and friends to relax when things are under control. Their intention was good but their advice has not served us well.

To see, feel and hear the river and to live the good life, we need to work on our compulsion for certainty.

Only then will we start to feel more fully alive and lose that monotonous sense of disquiet. It requires hard work, in fact it’s the most challenging of work – but in reality it’s the only game in town

Where to start?

How does one weaken the obsession with certainty and get to access and navigate the river? My map and compass are these

Abandon any hope of fruition and make every effort to live on the edge

Give up thinking things will be different. When I raise enough money I’ll start a business. I’ll do that cruise when I retire. This is just temporary to pay the rent.

Don’t wait any longer for certainty.

Don’t wait for ‘one day when things will be different’. The women and men who have made the greatest impact in our lives are those that have not waited. Not for security, money or ease. Hope of fruition makes us wait. Every moment waited is a moment wasted.

When you live at your edge the layers start to peel back and the real you shines through. Your true purpose starts to reveal itself, slowly but surely. Conversely when you move away from your edge, your need for safety and certainty escalates. What a paradox. You get more and more stuck whilst you get more and more busy.

The good news is that you need only lean just beyond your edge. You don’t need to do a parachute jump this afternoon. You may have to in time as living just beyond your edge has an accumulative effect. So just the other side is fine. That’s all. But consistently. Every day. In everything you do.

To lean just beyond your edge is to know your fear. To know your fear is to know yourself. Staying with the fear, staying on the edge allows real transformation to occur. You become ready for the unknowns.

As part of that transformation things get done more effortlessly – a shift from By Me to Through Me. That will be the evidence you’re on the right path.

So practice. Be playful. Be kind to yourself. The quality of your life will be directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty you can live with.

Start today, start now

Recommended Reading:

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  • Reply Helen August 22, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Thank you Mike, it is a thought provoking read and a great first posting! It left me wondering what is your greatest fear, what is my greatest fear? This thought reminded me of the wonderful Marianne Williamson Poem, that starts: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure etc….

    I will ponder on the notion of how much uncertainly I can live with! Thank You.

  • Reply Adam Sherritt February 5, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    There are articles that are long but say nothing. Then there are articles that are jam packed with truth. Articles that require multiple readings over the course of time to fully absorb everything in it. This is an example of the latter. The need for certainty really spoke to me. I have been addicted to certainty for quite some time, but I am finally starting to see the river so to speak.

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