Brown Paper Bag

15 minute short

Director – Michael Baig Clifford
Producer – Natasha Carlish
Cast – Ronnie Fox, Jo Mcinnes


Inspired by the death of Geoff’s brother from drink, Brown Paper Bag brutally explores alcoholism, or more specifically the power of denial. In fact the story opens with the arrogant Reggie, telling an AA meeting ‘I’m not an alcoholic! I like a drink that’s all. I work me, I’ve earned a drink, I’ve got a job, I work, it’s not as if I’m sitting on some park bench having it large from a brown paper bag!’

He tells the other knowing AA members that he is only there because ‘I’ve lost some one (his wife Ronnie) and I thought I might find her here tonight.’

Reggie denies his addiction by constantly referring to the fact that he works, he has a job, he is not a wino on a park bench. It is his weak renationalisation, his denial, that keeps him from seeing his own illness. However, after (yet another) hideously violent incident in the local pub involving him, Reggie and a barmaid, Ronnie and Reggie parts ways. Alone now, and desperately missing his wife, Reggie is forced to face the truth.

He turns up at the AA meeting again, this time blind drunk, and the truth about his drinking and the route of his alcoholism finally spills out.

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  • Reply Drew Griffiths December 28, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Powerful stuff, definitely worth a watch

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