10 minute short

Director – Michael Baig Clifford
Producer – Natasha Carlish
Cast: Ray Winstone, Paddy Considine, Shaun Parks, Ronnie Fox


Bouncer is inspired by the Geoff’s ten years working as a nightclub bouncer.
The story is narrated by the wizened and articulate Dave, who tells of the dangers inherent with working on violent nightclub doors.

Pushing weights in the gym with his side kick Pete, Dave tells the good, the bad and the ugly sides of door work. Sometimes the threat is little more that garrulous students ‘touching the cloth’ and ‘throwing quotes from books.’ Other times the violence is red and real; we see one such incident where Dave throws a violent thug (Glass man) from the club for head-butting a punter. And (outside) when the glass man pulls a blade and threatens to ‘come back’ Dave tells us how they ‘all threaten to come back’ and in this case, once the club is closed and John (the third doorman) leaves to go home, glass man does come back; the encounter is violent and fatal.

Even though Dave manages to catch glass man and enact his revenge, it does not stop his own karma from catching him up, as he narrates at the end of the story, ‘it’s like karma, it’s like time and the tides. Not man can stop it.’

This is a film, inspired by true event that shows the ultimate futility of violence.

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